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July 31, 2008


Deb Wisker

I won't even post a pic of what my table looks right now that it's "post MMM creation frenzy"!

janet o

I'm just jealous of your big gun in the background :)

Debbie Cook

oohh...can't wait to see the project! fun!
welcome back, girlie!


welcome back to real life! tee hee!

Kim Moreno

Welcome back ;)
So glad the craziness is over!
"Ain't no minute like the last" hehe

Lisa Dickinson

um yeah, i want your mess instead of mine...wanna trade? :)


Girl, even your messes look good. :)


Mess Shmess....your place looks all Martha Stewart comapred to mine...Oh and Xbox 360 rocks (although Wii opted to go the other way ;) )

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