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November 01, 2008


Lisa Dorsey

Those costumes are fabulous Summer! The skirt you made turned out amazing!



Summer, that skirt is amazing! I am extremely impressed! Isn't Twilight fabulous?! I've read the first three and need to get to the fourth.


I *heart* Edward Cullen. Just sayin.

(those costumes are awesome!)


The kids look adorable, Summer. I love that skirt so much! I hear you about the Stampin' Up....one of my new faves, and my wallet is feeling the pain!


dang are they cute!

tee hee on the stampin' up! ;)

Debbie Standard

Haha - I'm on the 4th Stephanie Meyer book in 2 weeks - carrying with me everywhere - Kim get you hooked?

Lisa Dickinson

you are my idol for sewing that skirt! amazing! and I am the last person on the planet to read that book...it's on my wish list at the library :)

Laura T.

You are not the last person to read the book - I just started Twilight the other night. I'm finding it hard to put down (even though I have to get other things done). You will probably get done before me - enjoy it.

Lisa Dorsey

Love those costumes!


SO glad you finally got with it. ;) I knew you couldn't hold out forever.

Your sewing skillz are CRAZY!!
They look awesome!!

Mary Rogers

I heart Edward as well, just about finished with number 4 - I am so sad that my evenings with the Cullen's will be over tonight...I really don't want it end, but already talked Hayden into going to the movie with me..

adorable halloween poodle skirt!!

Sue Thomas

Love the costumes, Summer!!!! Maybe I'll have to grab Andrea's copy of Twilight and start reading!!!


Is this thing on? I think it's time for an update... girl if I can keep mine updated.. you can too!! ;)

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