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February 14, 2011


laura vegas

i'm a huge rachael ray fan, and she's taught me to eyeball stuff and not measure when i'm cooking. but she says the same thing about baking. you have to measure stuff, so she's not good at baking at all. lol! although, i would think that with you being such a linear girl, you'd be good at measurements ;)

super cute layout. i saw this a while ago, and loved the title!

kelly noel

aww, i think the toppers turned out cute! darts, hearts, whatever! :)

Lisa Dickinson

well at least you attempt to bake - i'm more of a "go-order-it-at-the-local-bakery" kind of gal :P

and hey we are WAY overdue for a Skype convo - email me this week and let's hook up!!

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