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March 31, 2011


Erica Hettwer

Oooh, fun stuff! Okay, all the sorting and purging doesn't sound all that fun but getting a whole new room of furniture, now that sounds fun! What style are you leaning towards?

Ashley Harris

I am doing the same thing sistah! Seriously I can't take pictures because I would die of embarrassment. I may take after photos though! Good luck to you! Have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Corie Drane

Your office does look like it seriously needs some spring cleaning, Summer! Yeah, you should take it all outside first, and then organize one by one. But I don't think the walls need repainting. Green looks gorgeous! And it matches the color of your laptop. :) Btw, you're right about band-aid solutions. They only end up contributing to the mess. Well, good luck on your cleaning project, Summer!

Theressa Kassing

Well, if you're painting, take all the stuff you need outside, and throw or give away the ones you don't need. Visualize a clean room and the items you need in there. Soon enough, you'll slowly get that office of yours organized!

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